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How Many Bigfoot Babies Were Born in 2005?

That's a question veteran cryptozoologist Loren Coleman of Portland, Maine, is going to ask at Bellingham, Washington's Sasquatch Research Conference on May 28, 2005. Think about it. Why hasn't it been asked before?

Coleman, who authored the 2003 bestseller Bigfoot! The True Story of Apes in America, is challenging the attendees to think outside the usual Sasquatch box. Why, he asks, have researchers avoided an analysis of Sasquatch sexuality, breeding, and reproduction rates? Bigfoot diet, walking styles, sleeping habits, family group size, skeletal structure, foot diversity, and fossil ancestors have been the topics of in-depth analyses and past research. Coleman wants to know why has an unrealistic taboo been placed around a subject that has formed the basis of complete conferences for great apes, humans, and other animals: the sexuality and mating activities of Sasquatch. Coleman, who has been doing fieldwork for 45 years, is not afraid to thrust forth in this virgin territory, and will invite future research in the bush on these topics.

In his Saturday, May 28, 2005, 3 PM (Pacific time), illustrated talk ("Sex and the Single Sasquatch: Looking at the Biology of a Real Primate"), Loren Coleman will overview Bigfoot hunters shyness about the subject and the personal ridicule he has confronted. He will indicate artwork, case studies, photographs, and sightings, which give a hint of the sexual activity and gender-specific body parts (penises and breasts) of Sasquatch. And he will invite the conference to come up with its considered opinion as to how many Bigfoot offspring are being born per year in North America.

Loren Coleman can be contacted here.

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