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CNI News | Vol. 5, No. 17, Part 2 | November 1, 1999

Chupacabras Reportedly Attacks Again In Brazil

According to the October 28 edition of the Brazilian journal Correiro Braziliense, the recent killings of numerous farm animals in the region of Sorocaba, in Brazil's Sao Paulo state, looks like the work of the dreaded chupacabras.

During mid October, two farms in Cesario Lange together reported the loss of 8 goats and 3 sheep, seemingly killed by an unknown predator. Blood had been sucked out of the animals, according to the witnesses -- a tell-tale sign of the chupacabras, or "goat sucker." Similar attacks have been sporadically reported in the region during the past two years.

Marco Antonio de Souza, landlord of the Nova Esperana farm, said 5 goats and 3 sheep were killed there. Each was found dead with a single spot in its neck. "It is very weird, because an animal that kills to eat smashes its victim," Souza said.

Three more goats were reportedly killed a short time later at another nearby farm.

Since an intense wave of chupacabras incidents began in Puerto Rico in the mid-1990s, reported attacks have spread throughout Mexico, parts of Central and South America, and occasionally into the southern U.S. Witnesses often describe a bizarre predator that stands about four feet tall on its hind legs, has heavily clawed hands, large fangs, piercing red eyes and sometimes a row of spikes down its back. The creature has been said to fly but is more often reported to make long jumps with its heavily muscled hind legs.

What is certain is that domestic animals are being killed -- but little else has been factually established about the alleged killer.

A recent book called Cryptozoology A to Z (Fireside/Simon & Schuster 1999) by leading cryptozoologist Loren Coleman and UFO/paranormal expert Jerome Clark says that "the single most notable cryptozoological phenomenon of the past decade is undoubtedly the chupacabras" which is "on its way to becoming a worldwide sensation like no other unexplained creature since... Bigfoot."

Coleman and Clark offer the intriguing insight that Chupacabras reports bear a strong resemblance to certain older traditions involving so-called Mer Beings, aquatic creatures that are sometimes reported to come ashore, where they can be highly aggressive and dangerous. Such beings are found in the lore of many nations, though their actual existence has never been proven and is generally dismissed by science.

[CNI News thanks our Brazilian correspondent Thiago Ticchetti ( for alerting us to this story.]

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