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The following Wireless Flash appeared on December 23, 1999. Please note I am not a Ph. D. or an M.D., and have never claimed to be either. Nevertheless, media outlets continue to pin an "Dr." on the front of my name because I teach part-time at a university, I suppose.

Maine Professor Chosen 'Bigfooter of the Year'

NORWALK, Calif. (Wireless Flash) -- A Bigfoot researcher in Portland, Maine, has just won the paranormal version of the Oscars. Dr. Loren Coleman was recently declared "Bigfooter Of The Year" by the Center for Bigfoot Studies in Norwalk, California. Center president Daniel Perez says Coleman deserves the Bigfoot honor because he co-authored two groundbreaking books on the subject of cryptozoology: "The Field Guide To Bigfoot, Yeti And Other Mystery Primates Worldwide" (Avon) and "Cryptozoology A To Z" (Fireside). Coleman -- a professor at University of Southern Maine -- also convinced fellow Bigfoot researchers to help the FBI in its investigation of the infamous Yosemite murders, which were initially blamed on a group of Bigfoot buffs known as the "Modesto Cranksters." Although Coleman won't get an plaque declaring he's "Bigfooter Of The Year," he says he's still thrilled and hopes it will convince other academics to come out of the cryptozoology closet.


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