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Cryptozoology Museum Opens

August 15, 2003 - Wireless Flash
Cryptozoology Museum Opens

PORTLAND, Maine (Wireless Flash) -- Bigfoot has gotten a big honor with the opening of the first cryptozoology museum.

Cryptozoologist Loren Coleman recently opened the museum in Portland, Maine, to house his collection of four decades worth of paranormal pieces.

The risky venture cost Coleman half of his retirement fund, but he expects it to pay off through the sharing of information.

Some exhibits consist of life-sized models of Bigfoot and the Yeti, as well as plaster casts, models of the Loch Ness Monster, and a variety of skulls of mystery cats and apes.

Currently, entrance is to the cryptozoological museum is by appointment only, but, as the museum grows, Coleman says he hopes to open it to the public and expand exhibits.

[Contact Loren Coleman for appointments. Yes, it is filled with life-size models of Bigfoot, Feejee Mermaid, Coelacanth, plus museum quality scale models of Yeti, Champ, Mothman, Dover Demon, Nessie, and scores of other cryptids. The hair of Yeti and Bigfoot; almost a hundred plaster casts of Yeti, Bigfoot, Chupacabras, and Mystery Cats. Jackalopes and furred trout. Museum quality skulls of Gigantopithecus, Paranthropus, Australopithecus, Panthera atrox, gorilla, chimp, lion, cougar, and much more.]


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