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November 14, 2003
Has a Skunk Ape Been Killed in TN?

Breaking News out of Tennessee...Has a Skunk Ape Been Killed in TN?

I am beginning to hear that something important may have happened in Campbell County, TN. I would appreciate any further details that people might have, of course. Statements that Chris Dotson, John Placyk, or I were involved in any fashion, of course, are uncalled for, and not worth
detailing here. The BFRO will have to answer the rumors they are behind this. I have no information on their activities. Has someone killed a North American Ape, a cryptid anthropoid, and is a body being hidden by local authorities? Is someone planning a news conference tomorrow (Friday)?

Here's what we're hearing....

Word out of Campbell County is that on Wednesday, 11/12/03, at about 3 PM EST, sirens and gunshots were heard. Screams of the recently sighted apelike animals (Napes? Bigfoot?) were also heard at the same time. Sounds were coming from the right side of one of the houses that has been involved in the series of sightings, down toward the lake, near LaFollette.

On Monday 11/10/03, Abby (a female goat) was found dead in the pond around 11:00 AM. Her neck had been broken and her stomach had been eaten out. (This may have stimulated what then transpired on Wednesday and Thursday.)

A member of the Sheriff's department said that they were working with a group to eliminate these animals. This information came forward today, on 11/13/03. Also, on earlier, on Wednesday apparently, two of these cryptid animals were seen in a field. One was large, the other smaller. This was about 9:15 A.M. The shootings happened after that.

Furthermore, the following edited posting, written by Tennessee's Mary Green, was forwarded to me after I received the above data:

"Recent developments in the Lafollette, TN case has prompted me to post this short note. We will know in the future if this is what occurred, and this post will be proof of foreknowledge of such an event.

The eyewitnesses who were the owners of the cats who have had many killed by the hominoid that is said to be a Skunk Ape in this community near Lafollette TN, reported that the Sheriff asked them to remove their animals to safety yesterday [Wednesday]. They complied by removing as many animals as they could to another farm for safety purposes. While the man land owner arrived at the farm at 3:00 p.m., as soon as he could after work, to load and haul his farm animals to a safe place, he heard sirens, gun shots and the Bigfoot screaming (as he is familiar with their screams). The Sheriff and his deputies were heavily involved with shooting over the hill just off of their property.

This morning, when the woman saw a black animal laying in one of their fields. She called me before she left for work as she was running late. I advised her to get her husband to take a look at this animal. He arrived ten minutes after she left and the animal was totally missing. Gone. Nothing
left, not a sign of it. Nothing was found.

There has been airplanes circling their property night and day for over two weeks. It has disturbed their sleep as the plane was flying so low to their house.

***We are not certain at this point whether this black body was of a Bigfoot that the Sheriff and/or BFRO that could have possibly been shot and injured the day before, or if it was simply a large dog as the woman was afraid to approach it before going to work.

Something or someone has removed this large black body from their premises. They have tried to provide shelter and food to the Bigfoot as of recent times to appease them and cause the attacks on their farm animals to cease. It is looking more and more like something has caused the Bigfoot that have been seen in this area for years, by the lady eyewitness, to declare revenge on the people of this community."
So, the unfolding events in Campbell County have left many unanswered questions. As I said, any further details would be greatly appreciated, and I will share the information with all.

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