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November 15, 2003
Dead Campbell County Critters? - A Status Update

Positive Possibles
The update on the La Follette, Tennessee situation (which involved several investigators as of Friday) is this: Yes, a dead goat was found but it has been buried by the owners. These locals are not interested in turning it over to investigators for DNA analysis, yet. Yes, other animals have been moved. Yes, NApe sightings have occurred. Yes, gunfire has been verified near La Follette but the Sheriff's deputies are denying it was from them. And, yes, this all happened this week.

Negative Notions
No dead NApe bodies have been discovered. And there is no design involving individuals Chris Dotson, John Placyk, or Mary Green to leak any on-going confidential investigative information. No incidents have occurred in which Loren Coleman or BFRO folks or government agents have flown in and extracted out an ape, NApe, or Bigfoot body. (Seriously, you cannot imagine what conspiracies I've heard about.)

Investigative Items
Maybe, local law enforcement personnel conducted an unofficial, casual cover-up related to actual figures on the volume of sightings and the number of dead livestock found. Maybe, one car crash involving a NApe happened. New details about this active cryptid flap continue to be revealed. Investigation of the total matter is on-going, but do not look for any earth-shaking breaking news.

Specific names of eyewitnesses, law enforcers, media, and other locals interviewed are on file. Same goes for the monikers of goats and cats too. They all will become part of the full written history of the case, after it moves from active to inactive.

The unfolding events reflect patterns in the typical southeastern NApe accounts. Please see Chapter 11 in BIGFOOT!


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